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Uterine Cancer (includes Endometrial Cancer)

There are approximately 315 new cases of Uterine cancer in New Zealand every year.

The following sites are recommended for further information on Uterine Cancer:

Medline Plus (USA) 

This site attempts to address all the issues around Uterine cancer, with comprehensive subject titles that link to other sites in the USA  so that it can provide a large amount of  resources on this topic. It includes diagnosis, screening and prevention, treatment, research, reference materials etc.

The Mayo Clinic (USA)

Another comprehensive site.  The Mayo Clinic deals sensitively with all cancers, and offers the standard diagnosis, treatment and screening information, however it also assists with coping, offering some practical methods.

Cancer Research (UK)

This website has award from the 'Plain English Campaign' and is simple to read.  It refers to Uterine or Endometrial Cancer as 'Womb' Cancer.  It has detailed information, broken down into simple and short topics.  It extends to topics like suggested reading material, other links and organisations and new developments in uterine cancer.

Cancer Backup (UK)

 This site has a 'Cancer of the Womb Information Centre' which also includes help with sex and fertility following diagnosis and treatment. It also has a patient resource centre which recommends one of the books available on the Silver Ribbon site - Gynaecological Cancer Guide: Sex, Sanity & Survival, by Margaret Heffernan and Prof Michael Quinn. Click here for more information on the book.